WAVE Technologies – A Whole New World of Water Sampling Technology

Imagine gathering thousands of water samples in just a few hours.

With the revolutionary new WAVE Dataflow, tedious days spent filling dozens of bottles with grab samples are over.

Instead, this new flow-through technology allows you to gather real-time data with precise digital readouts and instantaneous results…at speeds of up to 35 knots!

Winner of the Water Environment Federation (WEF) Innovative Technology of the Year Award, the WAVE Dataflow is the future of water sampling. This compact, easy-to-use device simultaneously samples and displays up to 26 parameters and adds the timestamp and geo-reference to each sample point. The WAVE Dataflow makes data useful, compiling and mapping results so you can see the whole picture as you sample!

This versatile unit can be deployed from a variety of vessels. It can also be used on moving or stationary platforms for fine-scale mapping and time-series measurement of environmental parameters. WAVE Dataflow provides high-resolution data and mapping, is portable, watertight, autonomously powered, and field-rugged. It can be used in both freshwater and saltwater environments, collecting data every 2 seconds to provide ultra-high resolution spatial data that is easily configured into useful maps and reports.

Don’t waste any more time with jars and old sampling methods. Contact a WAVE Technologies representative, and see what you’ve been missing!


Expert Water Sampling Services:

At WAVE Technologies, we’re committed to providing the support services you need. Let our expert team help you to achieve maximum value on your investment. We offer:

  • On-Site Services: Our technicians can help to jump-start your WAVE Dataflow sampling process by setting up your device, training your staff, or gathering your samples for you.
  • Data Analysis Services: Turn data into decisions quickly and efficiently. Let our data analysis experts convert your raw data into a useful and comprehensive report that will help determine next steps.
  • Licensing: We provide software licensing options for clients who have their own dedicated, in-house team to collect and analyze raw data. A great option for colleges and universities, laboratories, government entities, and other organizations!
  • Equipment and Lab Services: While we provide a user-friendly manual for maintenance and calibration, we also know that sometimes you’d rather outsource equipment and lab services. That’s why WAVE Technologies provides a variety of calibration and analysis services, maintenance programs, lab and sample services, and post-calibration services.
  • Consulting: While every organization is different, we’re confident that the WAVE Dataflow can meet any need. Work with our expert consultants to determine the best way to use WAVE Technologies for your unique environmental situation.

Learn more about our comprehensive water sampling services here.

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