WAVE Dataflow Applications

4CienegasEndemicsAt WAVE Technologies, we know that water sampling is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why we customize our products to fit your specific application. Here are just a few ways that the WAVE Dataflow can change your sampling process:

Water Quality Monitoring

Sample and map large areas of water quickly and accurately to assess basic information about a site’s water quality.

Water Pollution Detection & Monitoring

Monitor lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water and quickly and reliably locate sources of pollution.

Advanced Pollution Detection & Monitoring

Add additional parameters to your basic pollution detection and monitoring, locating the most subtle pollutants quickly and accurately.

Oil and/or Petrochemical Exploration and Monitoring

Explore and map sites at risk for oil and/or petrochemical spills or leaks, such as offshore oil sites, refineries, coast water, aged or abandoned infrastructure, and the sites of catastrophic events.

Freshwater Exploration and Brine Monitoring

Locate freshwater plumes in the ocean that can be used as viable water sources.

Physics and Hydrodynamics Research

Monitor the movement and mixing of fresh and salt waters.

Ecosystem Services & Research

Test a number of parameters to determine where best to focus attention and resources when tending to various ecosystems.

Farm Run-Off Monitoring

Determine the exact locations of pollution source and monitor the run-off events.

Aquaculture Water Monitoring

Monitor water systems for vertebrate and invertebrate fauna.

Safe Beach Monitoring

Effectively monitor lakes, rivers and other bodies of water to ensure safety for beach-goers.

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