Expert Water Sampling Services

Let our expert team help you to achieve maximum value on your investment with our variety of support services.

On-Site Services

Let us help you jump-start your WAVE Dataflow sampling process in one of the following ways:

On-Site Start-Up & Training

  • While we do provide everything you need in our O&M manual to set-up your new WAVE Dataflow device, we can also assist you on-site, anywhere around the globe.
  • Our practical and affordable field training option will ensure that your entire team understands how to use the WAVE Dataflow to maximize your investment!

On-Site Sampling

Don’t have the resources to devote to collecting samples yourself? No problem. Our technicians are available to travel to your location to complete the sample process for you.

Data Analysis & Reporting Services

Maximizing the benefits of the mass amounts of raw data that will be collected by your WAVE Dataflow requires expert compilation, analysis, and reporting. Our team of data analysis experts can convert this raw data into a useful and comprehensive report that will help you to make results-based decisions and changes quickly and efficiently.


We provide software licensing options for those with their own dedicated, in-house data collection and analysis team. A great option for colleges and universities, laboratories, government agencies, and other organizations!

Equipment & Lab Services

While we provide a user-friendly manual for maintenance and calibration, we also know that sometimes you’d rather outsource equipment and lab services. Here are a few ways we can help with that:

Equipment Calibration

Use the step-by-step calibration instructions in your O&M manual, or simply send your sensors to our lab, and we’ll calibrate them for you.

Equipment Service & Maintenance

Our WAVE Dataflow products are designed for years of rugged service. In the event that your unit needs service or maintenance, you can send it to us for quick turnaround.

Annual Maintenance Program

Keep your WAVE Dataflow unit in optimum condition with our annual maintenance program.

Lab Services

Send your samples to us for absolute concentration calibration.

Post-Calibration (2nd Run) Analysis

Once you’ve completed sampling and need to return your device to its initial calibration settings, you have the options of sending it to our experts. We can help with post-calibration analysis.


While every organization is different, we’re confident the WAVE Dataflow can meet any need. Work with our expert consultants to determine the best way to use WAVE Technologies for your unique environmental situation.

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